An Introduction to Gerard’s Epic

I’ve traveled countless roads. I’ve been to the top of the world, and close to the bottom. I’ve drank with Dwarves, sang with Halflings, danced with Elves, and championed with humans, all more times than I can remember. My life has been unnaturally long and I’ve filled every moment with adventure since I could swing a sword. I’ve amassed accounts of my journeys. I dare not call them stories. Stories are for children, stories are powdered and sugared, stories have a happy ending.

Lend your eyes now to these words, dear Reader. What you are about to read is not a story, it is the cold, brutal truth of my life. Not a detail is spared – as with the gift of unnatural life I have also been granted an uncanny precision of recall. Dear Reader, join me as we begin with my most outrageous adventure: The Needle in the Dark

Gerard's Epic

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