Gerard's Epic

Preliminary Information

Mission Statement

I’m setting this up now for after Carter’s Shadowrun campaign arc finishes, so this is well in advance preparation. This is a taste of the campaign I have in mind, I hope it sparks a thirst for high adventure!

A few main points:

  • We will be using 30-point buy gestalt characters (30-points for MAD viability)
  • I will have ‘rails’ for the beginning of the campaign (first couple sessions) but the world is open.
    • The wiki will be updated with information about the world
    • The group will be given “free will” to explore the world
    • After gathering back stories, players will be given a brief “What your character knows about the world” sheet so that players can fill in the gaps for each other. This is an attempt to avoid breaking immersion from GM explanation.
  • Starting at an early to mid level (up to players)
    • Level 5
    • Level 6
    • Level 7
  • Game will be Roleplay focused but will have high-combat encounter areas available
  • We will be using the Paizo Crit system for added flavor
  • The groups micro-storyline will affect the worlds macro-storyline

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